Aarogya setu App

Aarogya setu

Government of India has performing many initiatives to keep safe its citizens from this epidemic Corona Virus (COVID – 19). Among these initiatives, one of the small initiative  is also being done through CSC (Common Service centre) under digital India. We know that for all the services VLE of CSC get some insentive for providing their services. But downloading of this app is also given to them as a mandatory service having no insentive for them. All the Vle’s of CSC thoughout INDIA  is doing this duty only for the nation.


Working of Aarogya setu App


We all are well known about Corona Virus (COVID-19) that how this virus has badly affected all the communities throughout the world. The people of the most advanced and powerful countries like America, Italy, Britain, China etc. are now badly affected with this epidemic of Corona Virus. Every Country has made a special App to keep alert their citizens from this epidemic. India has also lunched an App which names AAROGYA SETU.

Aarogya setu

Link to download the app

For Android:


For ios:


If a person installed this app and he/she comes in cotact with the person who is infected with this virus or may be affected with this virus ( if that person also have installed this app in his/her mobile) then this app will alert you that your are near an virus infected person or can be affect with the person.

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