What is Sentence and its Types



A Group of words that makes some sense is called a Sentence. It is completed by applying a sign at the end of the sentence For e.g.

  1. The earth moves round the sun. (a Sentence)
  2. Round the earth the rounds moves (Not a sentence)


Kinds of Sentences:-

Sentences are of mainly of four types:

  1. Declarative Sentences
  2. Interrogative Sentences
  3. Imperative Sentences
  4. Exclamatory Sentences
  1. Assertive or Declarative Sentence:

A sentence that states or declares something is called an Assertive or Declarative Sentence. For e.g.:-

  • The sun rises in the east. (Affirmative)
  • The sun does not move round the sun. (Negative)
  1. Interrogative Sentence:

A sentence that asks a question is called an Interrogative Sentence. For e.g.:-

  • Does the sun rises in the east?
  • Who does not love his country?
  1. Imperative Sentence:

A sentence that expresses a command, a request, an entreaty or a desire is called an Imperative Sentence. For e.g:-

  • Open the Box. (Command)
  • Lend me your pen, please. (Request)
  • Help me, O God. (Entreaty)
  • God save the Queen. (Wish)
  1. Exclamatory Sentence:

A Sentence that expresses some strong or sudden feeling is called an Exclamatory Sentence. For e.g. :-

  • How hot it is!
  • What a foolish boy you are!

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