Exercise – 1 : Sentences

Exercise 1.  Write out the following sentences so that they make sense:-

  1. elephant, an, the, animal, largest, is.
  2. a, noise, make, do, not.
  3. and, milk, butter, cheese, are, made, from.
  4. sweet, how, rose, this, smells.
  5. a, year, months, how, many, are, in, there.
  6. girl, what, are, you, a, clever.
  7. flower, from, to, flower, fly, bees.
  8. Blames, a, worksman, bad, his, tools.
  9. Wife, children, and, he, his, care, takes, of.
  10. His, country, love, does, who, not.

Exercise 2.  Say whether each of the following sentences is Assertive, Imperative, Interrogative or Exclamatory

  1. Keep off the grass.
  2. What nonsense you talk!
  3. God save our Queen.
  4. Let us keep our promise.
  5. Have you lost your book?
  6. How sweet the moonlight sleeps upon this bank!
  7. What a piece of work is man!
  8. Honesty is the best policy.
  9. Do not depend too much on the help of others.
  10. The earth goes round the sun.
  11. Mind your own Business.
  12. How old is your elder sister?
  13. What a beautiful night it is?
  14. May God bless you with health.
  15. What is the time in your watch?
  16. Lend me your pen, please.
  17. What fool you are!
  18. Animals do not laugh.
  19. You must never lie or cheat.
  20. No news is good news.

Answers: 1. Imperative, 2. Exclamatory, 3. Imperative, 4. Imperative, 5. Interrogative, 6. Exclamatory, 7. Exclamatory, 8. Imperative, 9. Imperative, 10.  Assertive, 11. Imperative, 12. Interrogative, 13. Exclamatory, 14. Imperative, 15. Interrogative, 16. Imperative, 17. Exclamatory, 18. Assertive, 19. Assertive, 20. Assertive.

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