Subject and Predicate

1. Definition:


Every sentence consists of two parts, expressed or understood

Subject: The part which names the person or thing we speak about, is called subject

Predicate: What is said of the person or thing denoted by the Subject is called Predicate.

2. For Example:

No. Subject Predicate
1 We have done our duty.
2. Birds fly in the air
3. A bad Workman blames his tools
4. The rich are not always happy
5. The early bird catches the worm.

The Subject does not always come at the beginning of the sentences:

  1. How badly you sing!
  2. Down dropped the breeze
  3. Across the path lay a frozen snake.
  4. Sweet are the uses of adversity.
No. Subject Predicate
1 You sing how badly
2. The breeze droped down
3. A frozen snake lay across the path
4. The uses of adversity Are sweet

3. In Imperative Sentences the Subject is generally left out:

    • Do this. (Here the Subject You is understood)
    • Thank you. (Here the Subject I is understood)

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